General terms and conditions of business

If the client withdraws from the contract, i.e. cancels the event for reasons that are not attributable to the contractor, the client is irrevocably obliged to pay the contractor a lump sum compensation according to the following scale:

up to six months before event 25%

up to four months before event 50%

up to two months before event 71%

up to four weeks and less 80%

of the expected sales


Measured based on expected sales excluding VAT.


The date of receipt of the client's written rejection by the contractor applies.


In addition, the client undertakes to pay an amount of € 1,100.00 plus 19% VAT within 3 weeks of signing this contract. If the event is canceled by the client in the period between signing the contract and 6 months before the start of the event for reasons that are not attributable to the contractor, the parties agree that the amount will be forfeited as a flat-rate compensation payment.


The contractor expressly recommends that the client take out cancellation insurance with regard to the flat-rate compensation payments agreed above.


Children are calculated as follows:

0-3 years without calculation

4-11 years 50% of the food price

From 12 years 100% of the meal price



The client is liable for damage caused by third parties commissioned by him.

Such as setting up music systems with your own DJ


Verbal additional agreements are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by the contractor. Changes to the contract generally require the written form and are only legally binding if they have been recorded accordingly in writing by the contractor.


We ask that you return the signed contract within 8 days by post, email or fax. After this time has expired, we reserve the right to reassign the appointment. A previously verbal promise does not bind us to the contract.


 The client and the contractor agree that if one of the provisions of this agreement is legally invalid, the effectiveness of the remaining valid agreements will not be affected. Rather, the client and contractor undertake to replace any invalid declaration with a provision that comes closest to the intended economic purpose.


The place of jurisdiction agreed between the contractual partners is the Hanover District Court or the Hanover Regional Court.



 Suppliers you commission undertake to contact us by email at least three days before the planned event regarding house rules and delivery times.


We are obliged to draw your attention to the problem of disturbing the peace in the neighborhood and for this reason point out that musicians and DJs must strictly follow the instructions of our employees when leveling or regulating the music volume. If our instructions are not followed, we must ensure that the volume is reduced to an acceptable level. Please understand this too. For this reason, sound is not possible outside.


Please note that the event must be properly registered with GEMA by the client/organizer (with the exception of wedding, birthday and private celebrations).


Please understand that, in accordance with food hygiene regulations, we are not allowed to leave any leftover food out of the house.

We expressly point out that bringing your own drinks is not permitted.


We can store items left behind for a maximum of 4 weeks. We would therefore like to ask you to collect the items from us within this period.


We would like to point out that setting off fireworks is only permitted after prior registration with the responsible authority of the city of Hanover.


We look forward to your event and thank you in advance for the trust you have placed in us.

With all of these requirements, we don't want to harm you, but rather ensure that your celebration with us is perfect and runs smoothly.

We look forward to spending wonderful times with you and your guests and are of course happy to answer any questions you may have.